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If your interest in criminal defense & criminal law you should start watching the TV show Law & Order.

Law & Order

NBC Show Law & Order

For those unfamiliar with the show Law & Order is actually the longest running legal-crime show and is current tied for longest running show in prime time television ever. In its 20th season on NBC Law & Order is a drama series that takes a realist look at the criminal and legal perspectives on one of the toughest cities, New York City.

In the first half-hour of the show viewers that a look at the investigative crimes and apprehend suspects. While in the second half-hour the shows focus shifts to the criminal courts work within a complicated justice system to prosecute the accused.

Some of the cases are simple, but most are multi-faceted. The investigations are challenging, prosecutions are complicated, and decisions about legal procedures and plea-bargaining are difficult. This is what makes the show great for many viewers especially those interested in the legal system.

All in all Law & Order has also become one of entertainment businesses preeminent brands, with its successful spinoffs like “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.”

Let me know if you watch the show … love it or hate it?


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