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Since I am from Northern New Jersey and grew up as a Yankees fan I was thrilled that they won the World Series last night. Congratulations Yankees!!!

Prostitution Mug Shot

Susan Finkelstein offered sex as an exchange for a World Series ticket. Photo Source: CBS News.

With this in mind I figured I would share a breaking news story that I had heard about a “desperate” (in my mind appalling) Philadelphia Phillies Fan.

Allegedly Susan Finkelstein, a 43 year old Philadelphia Phillies Fan was arrested for trying to offer sex as an exchange for a ticket to the World Series game to see the Phillies play.  She had posted advertisements for the tickets on craigslist stating she needed 2 tickets for Monday nights Game 4 of the World Series taking place at the Philadelphia Stadium. Headlines of her ad post said “DESPERARE BLODE NEEDS WS TIX!” then went on to say “Diehard Phillies fan – gorgeous tall buxom blonde – in desperate need of two World Series Tickets … negotiable price, I’m Creative!”

Someone had taken noticed the ad and the post was quickly brought to the attention of Bucks County Public Safety to further investigate the severity of the case. After meeting up with the woman at a bar two under cover policemen negotiated the fake tickets for sex acts.  When the offer was made clear of an exchange of tickets for sex the criminal offense was made and she could be prosecuted for a misdemeanor charge of prostitution. Which she was!

Just thought I would share this news. Any thoughts?


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