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Rapper NasRapper Nas was busted for DUI near his home in Henry County, Georgia, back on September 10. He was arrested, booked and released, with charges pending.

As luck would have it, he was back in court today in L.A. – for his divorce from Kelis – and if custody of their newborn becomes contentious, a DUI could be in play.

According to sources – Nas himself – he was driving under the influence of weed when he was busted for DUI. He just acknowledged as much in an L.A. courtroom.

The police report on the Nas (Nasir Jones) incident says: “Mr. Jones had a green tongue with raised taste buds and his pulse was raised to 116 beats per minute.”

The arresting officer says he observed “eyelid tremors in both eyes and body tremors.” Cops say the car driven by the Illmatic rapper smelled of “raw marijuana.”

Nas told officers he had been smoking weed at his friend’s house before he was busted. He flunked a field sobriety tests by taking the wrong number of steps.

That’s pretty much it.

– Story Credit The Hollywood Gossip.com


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If your interest in criminal defense & criminal law you should start watching the TV show Law & Order.

Law & Order

NBC Show Law & Order

For those unfamiliar with the show Law & Order is actually the longest running legal-crime show and is current tied for longest running show in prime time television ever. In its 20th season on NBC Law & Order is a drama series that takes a realist look at the criminal and legal perspectives on one of the toughest cities, New York City.

In the first half-hour of the show viewers that a look at the investigative crimes and apprehend suspects. While in the second half-hour the shows focus shifts to the criminal courts work within a complicated justice system to prosecute the accused.

Some of the cases are simple, but most are multi-faceted. The investigations are challenging, prosecutions are complicated, and decisions about legal procedures and plea-bargaining are difficult. This is what makes the show great for many viewers especially those interested in the legal system.

All in all Law & Order has also become one of entertainment businesses preeminent brands, with its successful spinoffs like “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.”

Let me know if you watch the show … love it or hate it?

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In an attempt to make use of their time, and show peace Filipion Prisoners Dance! Not too bad of an idea if you ask me. What do you think?

Do the Hustle!

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While I am obviously not a criminal defense attorney, I do know that criminal laws are very serious and can potential effect anyone. My overall goal for this blog site is help explain what these laws are, giving my own in put and reporting on media mistake examples.

Criminal Laws are considered white collar crimes, violent crimes, grim felonies, internet crimes, drug cases, driving while intoxicated (or DUI) and misdemeanors.

White collar crimes are things such as fraud, embezzlement, extortion, forgery and identity theft. A great sociologist by the name of Edwin Sutherland explained it my calling this “a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation” (1949).  Additionally after September 11, 2001 issues surrounding identity theft has become a major issue. For youngsters trying to use a fake id may seem harmless, but in reality it is a major criminal offense.

A violent crime, grim felony and internet crime seems to a bit more obvious that an individual is breaking the law.  Violent crimes include murder, robbery, rape, sexual assault, abuse and assault.  Grim felonies are crimes like burglary, grand larceny, gambling offenses, firearms offenses, and hate crimes. Then furthermore Internet crimes are things such as Internet pornography, Internet predator crimes, and computer sex crimes. Each of these situations is seen on different levels and the severity can vary greatly between court cases.

Finally to drug cases, driving while intoxicated, and misdemeanors are some of the most common criminal defense laws, especially in a younger age frame. Drug crimes involve cultivation, distribution, possession, selling of, and trafficking of any type of illegal drug. There are numerous different types of drugs but an individual can be prosecuted for, basically anything without a prescription.  Driving while intoxicated, which is also known as a DUI is a nationwide criminal law that can be enforced even after have one drink.  This is a serious offense and depending on the court case even for minor accounts individual can loss their driving license. Lastly, a misdemeanor is a criminal offense such as shoplifting, criminal mischief, prostitution, trespassing, and vandalism.

Many of you can probably think back to a time when you were faced with situations like these or came close to being in one.  None the less having any of these criminal defense crimes on your record can be cause major issues later in life, so it is important to understand criminal justice.

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