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MTV cast of the Jersey Shore Show

I am sure most people regardless of your demographics or geographics has heard of the new controversial MTV show called “Jersey Shore.” For those unfamiliar with the show it is a MTV reality twist of a group of tri-state area 20 year olds spending a wild summer in a shore house in Seaside, NJ.

The show highlights many of the Jerseys finest qualities such as binge drinking, partying and of course fighting. The Jersey Shore seems to attract a crowd always looking for a fight. On the MTV series there are multiple fights that occur.

Guys fighting Guys

Girls fighting Girls

Guys fighting Girls

and Girls fighting Guys …

In the end the meaningless fight usually ends up in an arrest.  As seen on the show many individuals will find that one night down at the Jersey Shore can permanently mess up your criminal record.

In the end the best advice I can give is to walk away or if you are indeed assaulted by someone you should prosecute and press charges against that person.  The Jersey Shore can be scary to think that you might find yourself in a beat down, but with the legal system on your side you should be safe.

134 Days until Memorial Day Weekend the official start of Summer!


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